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Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati


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Man without Ego Is God

When the lover of the Divine worships, he finds himself in every temple, every mosque, every church, every prayer house, every holy place in the world, he finds himself on all the stars, and prays. He multiplies himself billions and billions of times. He sits in every sacred place, every pilgrimage place, and meditates, repeats Mantra.

In thought he is everywhere. He is no longer a little being wrapped in a little body. He is a bodiless, omnipresent intelligence and consciousness. He makes himself universal, cosmic. The ego becomes weaker and weaker. His purity increases. When his purity is great, when his heart is really pure, he suddenly experiences himself in all.

Imagine you are in deep-sleep state, and there is timeless, space-less stillness. The same timeless, spaceless stillness is there always, - during the waking state, dream state and in all states it is there in you. And the same timeless stillness-peace-joy is in all, in every living being. There is no difference between you and any other living being.

When you experience this you discover yourself in the good person, in the bad person, in trees and stones, in the water, in the rivers - in everyone and everything and beyond everything. Ego disappears completely. One has become one with God and humanity, God and universe. One goes beyond the limits of the universe, in consciousness. Man with ego is the worst being in the whole of creation! Man without ego becomes God Himself.

The ego is the greatest enemy of spiritual life. This ego the lover of the Divine conquers and transforms. Ego is the wall between man and God. This wall is shattered when we grow universal, cosmic and divine. Then we find ourselves in all. In everything and everyone we experience the Soul of our soul. We identify ourselves with all and this identification too is transcended.

- Swami Omkarananda


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